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Abel Napoleon
Pfizer Extern
Now works at Boeing
"Throughout my Externship, I learned about predictive maintenance, manufacturing, and artificial intelligence. I met some wonderful people and gained valuable insight. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I'm excited to see what the future brings."
Emma Obregon Dominguez
PwC Extern
Studies at Boston University
"During this Externship, I developed crucial skills such as trend analysis, market mapping, and impact assessment. It's been one of my most rewarding professional experiences. Not only did I connect and collaborate with fellow externs and professionals; I was also able to voice solutions to challenges that impact the lives of so many people."
Valerie Fong
Meta Extern
Now works at Capital One
"I was a recent graduate with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. As someone who had almost no industry exposure, I had the chance to build my understanding of the marketing industry, research possible solutions, and present my findings to the host company."
Ashanti Stewart
The Home Depot Extern
Student at LeMoyne-Owen College
"My Externship has been a rollercoaster of insights, revealing just how much work companies put into their marketing. Hats off to all the heroes who worked their magic behind the scenes. Grateful doesn't even begin to cover it! Here's to an epic journey and all the lessons learned! 🙌"
Jose Medina
Meta Extern
Now works at Deloitte
“My Externship was a structured, intentional experience. I got to enhance skills like market research, communicating to a strategic audience, and putting together insights in an easily digestible way.”
Anisya Nair
Colton Alexander Extern
Studies at University of Texas
"It was truly inspiring to seek out companies that met Colton Alexander's investment criteria. Identifying target companies was both challenging and rewarding. This experience has helped me to develop my skills in market research and analysis, and deepen my knowledge of the sustainability landscape."
Paula Parra
PwC Extern
Now works at Guidehouse Consulting
"My Externship flew by too fast, but the connections formed are timeless. I am beyond grateful—I learned so much about consulting processes. A big THANK YOU for the guidance, support, and optimism and the valuable feedback, which significantly helped my peers and me in our career growth."
Dawit Teshome
HP Tech Ventures Extern
Now interns at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
"My Externship was a great example of how a single experience can change the course of your career. After my Externship, I started getting interviews, and recruiters started calling to know more. This has helped me in more ways than I can count!"
Aaron Garza
Colton Alexandar Extern
Studies at Southern Methodist University
"Through my Externship, I was able to successfully source, perform due diligence, and pitch privately held companies for potential investment. Anybody interested in consulting, venture capital, marketing, or investment banking should check Paragon One Externships."
Isabella DeIulis
Snap Extern
Now works at Extreme Networks
“Externships are unique and tailored experiences not only to develop in areas of your own interests but also to also expand your knowledge in general. They're easily accessible, really anyone can do them. The possibilities are there—just go for it!”
Marbella Montalvo
Macquarie Extern
Studies at Baruch College
"I'm filled with immense gratitude for the invaluable experience and growth this Externship has brought into my life. My research within the green energy sector, allowed me to craft a strategic investment pitch and provide compelling insights into this burgeoning field.”
McKenzie Templeton
Meta Extern
Now works at Johnson City Chamber of Commerce
"I don't think I would have ever had the chance to do a project with a company like Facebook outside of my Externship. With Paragon One, it felt so much more accessible to me and not like a far off unattainable goal.”


What is an Externship?
The remote Externship is a new form of professional work experience structured with integrated learning. We don’t do simulations or busy work—real projects, real companies, real impact.
What will I do in my Externship?
As an extern, you will dive into a strategic business problem defined by the company with which you are externing. You will familiarize yourself with the industry and problem space, study best practices, and learn from experts. Then you will use your strengthened skills to put together a concrete deliverable that addresses the core business problem and present it to the company. Along the way, you'll engage with a community of other passionate go-getters, career-switchers, and learners.
How much time does an Externship take?
Externships can last anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks. During that time, you can expect to invest about 10-15 hours per week. This includes time spent learning, completing training, researching, and engaging with peers and professionals. Other than group sessions and meetings where you can connect with the company scheduled in the program, you can do this all on your own schedule!
How flexible is an Externship?
Externships are designed to fit into your busy schedule and are fully remote and flexible.* That means you can do an Externship, whether you're in school, working full-time, doing a summer internship, or even on vacation.

Most of the work is asynchronous, done through the Extern platform, and any Externship meetings are recorded.*  

*There are a few small exceptions, please read program details.
Am I eligible for an Externship?
When we say anyone, we mean anyone, can apply to an Externship! Whether you’re in college, taking some extra classes while working, recently graduated, or just trying to make a switch in your career, you’re  welcome! We really do believe anyone can benefit from work experience through an Externship as they discover new career paths and build their resume.

Just read the program details and make sure you’re able to commit 10-15 hours a week before applying. This encompasses the time spent learning and completing training, researching, and attending meetings. Ready to get started? Apply for an Externship now.
I'm interested—when can I start?
Most Externships have rolling start dates. We fill Externship cohorts on a first-come, first-served basis and will send you a start date with your offer. If the dates offered don’t work for you, we may be able to help you adjust your start date or potentially move to another Externship that aligns with your career ambitions (subject to availability).

If you’re ready to get some work experience, apply for one of our upcoming Externships here.
Can I network with the Externship host company?
Absolutely, you can network with the Externship host company! Just like in any professional role, every interaction you have is a kind of networking. Networking is fundamentally about forging relationships and establishing trust. Whether during a meeting or through your project submissions and presentations, each instance is a valuable opportunity to leave a lasting, positive impression.
What is the purpose of an Externship?
Think of an Externship as a sneak peek into your future career, but with training wheels. It's your golden ticket to dive into real projects that companies actually use, giving you a front-row seat to what life looks like in your dream job. It's about taking all that theory you've crammed into your brain and applying it to the real world, boosting your skills, and getting a feel for different career paths. Forget the old-school classroom vibe; an Externship is your chance to test-drive potential jobs and employers, making sure you're building the skills that matter in the real world. It's all about making your leap into the professional world smoother and smarter.
Will doing an Externship help me get hired?
An Externship is what you make of it, but many students have found that Externships significantly bolster their employment prospects. In fact, 2 out of 3 externs who’ve completed our Externships typically find an internship or full-time role within a year of completing the Externship. Success stories abound, with students citing these experiences as pivotal in their hiring processes. 

It is often difficult for students to get their foot in the door when launching a career. Because the number of available internships vastly exceeds the number of students that apply to them, there exists a chicken-and-egg problem and students often find they need an internship to get an internship. If you look at postings for most full-time jobs seeking “entry-level” employees today, you'll find at least three years of experience required for a majority of them!

It takes experience to get experience, so having an Externship (or a few!) on your resume could be just what you need to catch the eye of a recruiter. Though nothing guarantees an offer, work experience like an Externship serves as a positive sign to talent leaders that you’ve developed real-world skills that will be relevant in the workplace.
Is an Externship the same as shadowing?
No. Externships are designed to expose students to real work via business projects offered by partner companies. Externs receive mentorship and training as they’re introduced to the project by experts. They then complete assignments and a final presentation or report of their analysis, according to a curriculum.
Can I apply for multiple Externships at a time?
We have some amazing Externship partners, so we understand wanting to apply to them all! That said, as most career coaches will tell you, the days of the “spray and pray” applications are long gone—you’ll do much better to focus on one tailored application than submitting the same general application to multiple postings. We recommend that you focus on the Externship that best fits your educational and career interests. If you are interested in being considered for other Externships, feel free to mention that in your interview—and don’t worry, this won’t hurt your chances of being accepted to the Externship you are applying for.
I couldn’t help myself — I applied to multiple Externships. What now?
Although we recommend only applying to one Externship at a time, if you applied to two or more, don’t worry. We will process one application and will keep in mind that you were interested in being considered for multiple opportunities. The best way of being considered for multiple Externships is crafting a tailored application for the one Externship that best fits your educational and career interests, since that will increase your chances of being selected to submit a recorded video and live video interview. When you have a chance to share more about your background then, you can express your interest in other Externships then—this won’t hurt your chances of being accepted to the Externship you are applying for.
What qualities do top externs have?
At Extern, we want to democratize access to pivotal work experience opportunities for all students. We know how hard it is to get hired without prior experience, and that access to opportunities is not equal to all students. That’s why our Externships focus on candidates’ potential, rather than their previous experience.

Here are qualities top externs have consistently demonstrated:

Passion: You’ll spend a lot of time diving into your Externship project, so being passionate about the company hosting your Externship and the project you’re doing is a must. We also look for a passion for learning new skills and coming up with new ideas.

Time-management skills: Externships are designed to be flexible, but they do require an investment of about 10-15 hours a week, so strong time-management skills are a must.

Preparation & Professionalism: You were selected for this program from many, many aspiring candidates so show up with your best self and make the most of the opportunity! This means proactively ask for help, engage with questions, be on time and present for scheduled meetings and prepare in advance.

Drive: You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t self-motivated. Your Externship will be remote and most of it asynchronous—on your own time. We’ll support you along the way, but you’re in the driver's seat.

Openness to feedback: You’re here to learn, so be open to feedback from your Extern Program Manager, company leads, and your peers.

Communication skills: Since our externs usually have ambitious schedules and life sometimes happens, proactive communication is a must.
How do I get selected for an Externship?
While the Externship application process varies for different programs, there are up three stages a successful candidate might complete during selection:

1. Written application: Think of this as your first impression: we want to hear why you think this Externship is right for you. You’ll answer one or two questions about the program you’re applying for and your interest in it. 

2. Recorded video submission: Grab your camera and tell us your story! If you’re selected for this stage, we want to get to know more about you: what excites you, what you prioritize and what kind of learner you are. You’ll record answers to a few questions through an online portal.

3. Live video interview: We can’t wait to meet you—if you’re selected for this stage, one of our interviewers will connect for a scheduled 10-20 minute call. These are short, but pack a punch! We’re looking to go a bit deeper into your background and have a conversation about the opportunities and challenges of our Externships. You can also use this time to ask any specific questions that our FAQs don’t address.
What if I’m not selected for the Externship I applied for?
We’ve all applied to programs and been turned down. We know it’s not always easy to put yourself out there. Our Externships are competitive, so we are unable to accept all our applicants. However, if you are turned down from your top choice, you’re welcome to apply to a different Externship. Here are some general tips that we swear by:

• Double-check that you meet the program requirements
• Research the opportunity
• Tailor your resume to the posting
• Spell-check your resume and written application
• Make a clear connection between your interests and the opportunity
• If you get nervous before interviews, practice with a friend
• If you are still interested in the same Externship you were just turned down for, the earliest you can re-apply and be considered is 6 months after your application date. Either way, we want you to succeed! 
What is the difference between an internship vs an Externship vs an apprenticeship?
Internships, Externships, and apprenticeships are all forms of work experience, but they differ in structure, purpose, and duration.

• Internships are temporary, usually in-person positions that often span an entire summer, where college students and new graduates work within an organization to gain practical experience in a specific field.
• Externships are short, flexible, remote work projects that can be undertaken throughout the school year, allowing students to explore various career paths and gain an edge in their fields.
• Apprenticeships are longer term programs, more popular in technical fields. They combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, can last several years and are aimed at teaching the skills necessary for a particular trade or profession.

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