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Want to build your career by scrolling? These 18 influencers will help you land your dream job.

These influential career experts will empower you to land your dream job and supercharge your professional journey, from escaping soul-sucking jobs to mastering interviews and salary negotiations.
March 29, 2021
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Are you ready to take your career to the next level while indulging in your favorite guilty pleasure? 

Look no further than these 30 dynamic influencers who are here to guide you on the path to landing your dream job. Whether you're seeking career advice, interview tips, or insider insights, these individuals have got you covered with their expertise and engaging content. Let's dive into the world of career-building with these inspiring influencers:

Career Christen

If you're eyeing a career in tech, Christen is your go-to mentor. She not only helps you land the job but also provides a realistic glimpse into life as a "tech girl."

Watch one of our favorites: Get Recognized in Your Industry

That Career Coach

Career acceleration advice or check out her podcast for your hot-girl walk.

Watch one of our favorites: How to Play the Corporate Game

Her Career Cafe 

Edi, the Career & Empowerment Coach and Founder of Her Career Cafe, is dedicated to helping Black/AA and LatinX job seekers find fulfillment in their careers while navigating the workplace with confidence.

Watch one of our favorites: How to Not f*ck Up Your End of The Year Performance Review

Resume Addict 

As a recruiter, you know she's coming with all the top tips for interview advice.

Watch one of our favorites: Why Should We Hire You

Career Coach Darci 

It's not just about interview prep with Darci; she's your partner in salary negotiation. Land the job and secure the best possible offer.

Watch one of our favorites: Red Flags to Watch For in Job Offers

Erin McGoff 

With endless interview advice, it's no wonder she has almost 3M on TikTok. Looking for a one-stop shop for all thngs early career, Erin's you're go-to. 

Watch one of our favorites: Answering "Tell Me About Yourself"

Hanna Gets Hired 

In the early stages of your career, this "" has it all. We absolutely love how real she is when it comes to not only career tips but also things career lessons she learned at 28, it's like the career advice from an older sister

Watch one of our favorites: Career Lessons at 28

Greg Langstaff

This former recruiter specializes in Job Search Expert guides from cover letter tips to mastering interview questions. We highly recommend checking out his 10/10 resume playlists to give your resume that extra pizzaz.

Watch one of our favorites: Devastating LinkedIn Mistakes

Jackie Cuevas

Ever wish you could have an honest conversation with the people in HR/recruiting? Now you can, Jackie all about nailing that job search. And as an HR guru, she just might know a thing or two.

Watch one of our favorites: Things You Don't Need On Your Resume

Tessa White

Planning to become a future leader? Then you need to be following Tessa. From leadership tips to nailing the job search, she's answering some of your most-asked questions.

Watch one of our favorites: 5 Week Plan to Finding a Job

HerCareer Doctor

Meet the empowering coach who specializes in liberating women from soul-sucking jobs while securing impressive 5-figure salary increases. Her insights are a game-changer!

Watch one of our favorites: Interview Mistakes

Paragon One

Oh, you thought we stopped at bringing your amazing remote internship with Fortune 500s? Nope, we also help you land them. From resume reviews to making the most of your experience, we've got you covered.

Watch one of our favorites: Internship v. Externship

Home From College

With a slogan like "starting your career just got a lot easier," it's no surprise they cover everything from starting your resume to standing out in your early career.

Watch one of our favorites: Ask My Boss What You Can't Ask Yours

Julia Harber

As founder of Home From College, Julia Harber takes to her own channel salary negotiations, interview as GenZ and more. Oh, and not to mention she's a total career baddie.

Watch one of our favorites: The Perfect Email Template for a Job Application


This "career bestie" is all about spilling the tea on all the gatekept career secrets.

Watch one of our favorites: Expertly Answering the Most Annoying Interview Questions

Ray Fu

Thinking about becoming a software engineer? Start here. 

Watch one of our favorites: Asking Software Engineers About Their Salary Progressions


So the only experience you have is babysitting or waiting tables? Watch as he magically transforms your resume. 

Watch one of our favorites: So You Worked In Retail

Mary Grace Lu

Mary Grace brings everything. Not only are her TikToks filled with enthusiasm, but it also offers helpful career tips and amazing opportunities. 

Watch one of our favorites: Personal Statements Should Be...

In the world of career advancement, the journey is just as important as the destination. With these 30 remarkable experts by your side, you're not only on the path to landing your dream job but also equipped with the knowledge and confidence to conquer the professional world. 

So hey, what are you waiting for—get to guilt-free scrolling.

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