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Happy Sneeze Consulting and Market Research Externship

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Market Research
Conduct market analysis and identify solutions to transform the future of women's health.


In this externship program, students will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

The Experience

  • Learn about the strategy consulting process and how to help create value for a non-profit client based on their vision and mission
  • Research and develop an understanding of a given field
  • Analyze complex problems ranging from fundraising and development, stakeholder management, impact measurement, as well as use consulting frameworks to help identify problem areas and propose solutions
  • Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data to inform problem areas and possible solutions
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation to a non-profit client that incorporates valuable insights, trends, and recommendations


  • Ambitious undergraduate students with an interest in consulting, strategy, and non-profits. This program is for students who would like to understand the consulting profession while generating ideas to help impact non-profit organizations.
Program Overview

Are you a college student looking to gain a competitive edge in today's job market while making an impact?

Join our innovative externship lab and collaborate with Happy Sneeze, a pioneering player in the women's health market.

Your work will play a pivotal role in driving Happy Sneeze's expansion efforts. By pinpointing new customer markets and opportunities, you'll not only assist the company in reaching untapped potential but also in achieving their mission of increasing the accessibility and affordability of women’s health. Your contributions will directly impact the growth and success of an early-stage startup, opening doors to new opportunities for innovation in the field.

By engaging in in-depth market research and strategic analysis, you'll play a vital role in shaping the future of women's health while crafting a valuable skill set.

What you will do during the Externship

During this externship, you work alongside peers and mentors to execute: 

  • Market Analysis: Conduct secondary research to understand the market size, structure, and trends in integrative women's health.
  • Competitive Analysis: Develop a competitive landscape map that highlights key players, their offerings, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Partnership Strategy: Establish criteria for potential partners based on strategic alignment with Happy Sneeze’s objectives.
  • Communication & Outreach Strategy: Develop an outreach strategy to engage potential partners for initial discussions.
  • Analysis & Presentation: Compile the findings and insights into a comprehensive report or presentation, ensuring clarity, conciseness, and relevance to Happy Sneeze’s strategic objectives.

Imagine the confidence you'll gain from having these skills—skills that will make you an attractive candidate in various job sectors. Whether you're interested in healthcare, business, marketing, or other fields, this experience. Don't miss this opportunity to develop skills that will shape your future success.

This Is Perfect For You If

This externship is ideal for those passionate and looking to pursue a career in:

  • Consulting Marketing
  • Health Tech
  • Women’s Health
  • Data Analytics
  • Consumer Insights
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Startups & Small Business Development

What’s Waiting for You 

Gain Practical Experience: Work on immersive projects that directly impact the company's strategies. 

Expand Your Network: Connect with industry professionals and peers to broaden your professional circle. 


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Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

New start dates every month.

Submit your application as soon as you can.

Part-time and fully remote

This Externship is a 10-hour-per-week fully remote experience where all meetings and events are recorded.

Receive your start date with your acceptance letter.

This remote Externship will last 4 weeks

Required Academic Standing

This Externship is open to undergraduate students and graduate students.

Geographical Eligibility

This Externship is open to applicants all around the world.

Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

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Happy Sneeze

At Happy Sneeze, our mission is clear: to revolutionize access to affordable pelvic health solutions. We're on a journey to change the narrative surrounding pelvic floor disorders and empower women to reclaim their well-being.

We combine technology, compassion, and expertise to ensure that women everywhere can access the pelvic health care they need and deserve. 

Join us in our mission to break down barriers and make pelvic health a priority for all women. Together, we can create a world where pelvic health is not just a dream but a reality.

Happy Sneeze is not accepting or considering any applications for this externship through other channels. Any effort to apply or reach out to Happy Sneeze separately will adversely affect a student’s application.