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Deal Sourcing Externship

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Finance & VC
Grow your business abilities by developing valuable deal sourcing skills


In this externship program, students will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

The Experience

  • Learn about the strategy consulting process and how to help create value for a non-profit client based on their vision and mission
  • Research and develop an understanding of a given field
  • Analyze complex problems ranging from fundraising and development, stakeholder management, impact measurement, as well as use consulting frameworks to help identify problem areas and propose solutions
  • Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data to inform problem areas and possible solutions
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation to a non-profit client that incorporates valuable insights, trends, and recommendations


  • Ambitious undergraduate students with an interest in consulting, strategy, and non-profits. This program is for students who would like to understand the consulting profession while generating ideas to help impact non-profit organizations.

Program Overview 

Gain hands-on experience in finding and evaluating business opportunities across industries with a Deal Sourcing Externship. Whether your interests lie in finance, technology, energy, or other fields, we'll match you for placement for an Externship where you'll develop essential skills for identifying promising opportunities in dynamic markets.

Delve into deal sourcing fundamentals through a curriculum enhancing analytical and strategic thinking. Learn to conduct market research, analyze business models, and develop investment proposals to pinpoint standout opportunities, while honing communication and presentation techniques.

By participating, you'll apply your skills to real-world projects impacting business decisions and gain a competitive edge with a highly valued skill set.

During your deal sourcing Externship, you'll build the following skills:
  • Market Research and Analysis: Master the techniques for conducting thorough market research and gaining actionable insights.
  • Data Analysis: Cultivate the ability to analyze data effectively, providing foundational insights to inform investment strategies and partnership opportunities.
  • Presentation and Communication: Hone your ability to articulate complex information clearly and persuasively, preparing detailed presentations and investment summaries.

This Could Be the Perfect Externship for You If:
  • You are passionate about uncovering business opportunities and eager to make a significant impact through strategic business decisions.
  • You are pursuing a career in:
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity
    • Investment Banking
    • Corporate Development
    • Financial Services
    • Technology and Startups
    • Other industries where deal sourcing is a valuable skill: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing and Industrials, Retail Management
  • You are pursuing roles like:
    • Venture Capital Analyst, Business Development Associate, Investment Banking Analyst, Corporate Development Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Real Estate Investment Analyst, Private Equity Analyst, Strategy Consultant, Financial Analyst in Industry, Portfolio Management Assistant.
  • Note: No specific background is required—bring your analytical skills, strategic mindset, and a readiness to engage deeply to learn how to drive the deal sourcing process.

What You Will Gain
  • Hands-On Experience: Apply your skills in real-world scenarios, working on actual deal sourcing projects that impact business decisions.
  • A Competitive Edge: Enhance your employability with a skill set that is highly valued across various industries, preparing you for a successful career in business, finance, or entrepreneurship.
  • Professional Network: You will connect with practitioners and peers to broaden your professional circle.

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Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

Rolling start dates

Submit your application as soon as you can.

Part-time and fully remote

Deal Sourcing Externships are 10-hour-per-week fully remote experience where all meetings and all events are recorded.

Required Academic Standing

Deal Sourcing Externships are open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Geographic Eligibility

Deal Sourcing Externships are open to applicants all around the world.

Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

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Extern is not accepting or considering any applications for this Externship through other channels. Any effort to apply or reach out to Extern separately will adversely affect a student’s application.