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Colton Alexander Asset Management & Deal Sourcing Externship

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Strategy & Consulting
Master problem-solving skills by tackling climate change head-on.


In this externship program, students will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

The Experience

  • Learn about the strategy consulting process and how to help create value for a non-profit client based on their vision and mission
  • Research and develop an understanding of a given field
  • Analyze complex problems ranging from fundraising and development, stakeholder management, impact measurement, as well as use consulting frameworks to help identify problem areas and propose solutions
  • Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data to inform problem areas and possible solutions
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation to a non-profit client that incorporates valuable insights, trends, and recommendations


  • Ambitious undergraduate students with an interest in consulting, strategy, and non-profits. This program is for students who would like to understand the consulting profession while generating ideas to help impact non-profit organizations.

Program Overview 

Colton Alexander is at the forefront of shaping a sustainable future, and they invite you to be a part of this transformative journey.

As a driving force in sustainable investment, Colton Alexander bridges the gap between visionary entrepreneurs and investors with a passion for impact. Through this immersive experience, you'll dive into real-world challenges, having the opportunity to make a significant impact.

How? Students will work on real organizational challenges Colton Alexander faces by providing detailed insights and proposing thoughtful strategic recommendations. As an extern, you'll analyze global companies' business, financial, and marketing models dedicated to combating climate change, gaining valuable insights into their innovative approaches and entrepreneurial spirit. 

By the end of this program, you will have not only deepened your understanding of sustainable finance but also cultivated a powerful skill set that encompasses research, analysis, data interpretation, and effective communication—skills that will serve you well in your academic and professional journey.

During this externship, you'll cultivate a diverse skill set, including:
  • Brand Identity: Familiarize yourself with Colton Alexander's vision, mission, and role in connecting sustainable entrepreneurs with impact-focused investors.
  • Market Analysis: Conduct research and analysis in one of four sectors: green steel, alternative fuels for maritime, alternative fuels for aviation, or battery technology.
  • Competitor Research: Identify and analyze privately held companies working to combat or mitigate climate change on a commercial scale.
  • Consulting & Public Speaking: Create case studies highlighting the selected companies, including their business models, financial status, and market positioning. Develop and present persuasive case studies highlighting innovative approaches to addressing climate change.
What You Will Gain
  • Hands-On Experience and a Comprehensive Skill Set: From identifying companies to conducting market research, you'll acquire a skill set that is highly valued across various industries.
  • A Competitive Edge: The insights and experiences you gain from this externship will give you a competitive edge in your job search, helping you stand out to recruiters in sustainability, marketing, and finance.
  • Professional Network: You will connect with industry experts and peers to broaden your professional circle. 

Why This Is Perfect for You
  • Ideal for those passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and learning how to support sustainable businesses.
  • No specific background required—bring your critical thinking, strategic analysis skills, and eagerness to learn.


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Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

New start dates every month.

The start date for this Externship is rolling and students will be evaluated on a first come first serve basis. Applications will close when the externship is full.

Part-time and fully remote

This Externship is a 10-hour-per-week fully remote experience where all meetings and events are recorded.

Receive your start date with your acceptance letter

This remote Externship will last 8 weeks.

Required Academic Standing

This Externship is open to undergraduate students and graduate students.

Geographical Eligibility

This Externship is open to applicants all around the world.

Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

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Colton Alexander

Colton Alexander is a strategic asset manager affiliated with Weild and Company, an investment banker. Their purpose is growing ESG companies, directing their efforts to align with investor expectations regarding finance, marketing, and risk amelioration.

Colton Alexander is not accepting or considering any applications for this Externship through other channels. Any effort to apply or reach out to Colton Alexander separately will adversely affect a student’s application.