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Brains & Motion Education Customer Discovery Remote Externship

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Customer Discovery
Drive startup growth via outreach and customer discovery while shaping the future of education


In this externship program, students will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

The Experience

  • Learn about the strategy consulting process and how to help create value for a non-profit client based on their vision and mission
  • Research and develop an understanding of a given field
  • Analyze complex problems ranging from fundraising and development, stakeholder management, impact measurement, as well as use consulting frameworks to help identify problem areas and propose solutions
  • Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data to inform problem areas and possible solutions
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation to a non-profit client that incorporates valuable insights, trends, and recommendations


  • Ambitious undergraduate students with an interest in consulting, strategy, and non-profits. This program is for students who would like to understand the consulting profession while generating ideas to help impact non-profit organizations.

Are you a college student looking to gain critical skills applicable across various career fields including marketing, product development, consulting, entrepreneurship, and more? 

Brains & Motion Education (BAM) offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain that competitive edge, while making a tangible impact in the world of Ed-Tech. Join BAM on an exhilarating journey to empower the next generation through world-class STEM, Arts, and Sports after-school and summer programs for school-age children. 

In this externship, you'll dive deep into customer discovery, learn to identify and understand customer needs, and leverage this knowledge to drive strategic decisions. 

As a vital contributor to BAM’s expansion efforts, you'll explore new customers, markets and opportunities, directly influencing their go-to-market strategies and impacting their expansion efforts. This is your chance to play a key role in revolutionizing education in an innovative and dynamic environment.

What you will do during the Externship
  • Lead Generation & Outreach: Master techniques to identify and engage with parents in key regions (the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, and Boston) utilizing innovative strategies and personalized communications to gather insights on summer camps.
  • Interview Execution: Conduct in-depth, qualitative interviews with parents, employing advanced questioning and active listening techniques to uncover genuine perceptions and experiences.
  • Data Management: Establish and maintain a rigorous system for tracking outreach efforts, responses, and scheduling, ensuring confidentiality and data protection.
  • Insight Analysis: Analyze interview data to identify patterns and preferences, translating findings into actionable insights to enhance BAM's offerings and market positioning.
  • Skill Development: Receive comprehensive training in lead generation, effective communication, ethical research practices, and advanced interview techniques.
  • Strategic Contribution: Play a key role in shaping BAM’s strategic direction by contributing to a comprehensive report that outlines opportunities for growth and innovation in the education sector.

This Is Perfect For You If
  • Ideal for those with a passion in Marketing, Ed-Tech, Consumer Insights, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Consulting, and more.
  • No specific background required—bring your critical thinking, quantitative skills, and eagerness to learn.

What’s Waiting for You:
  • Hands-On Experience and a Comprehensive Skill Set: From conducting effective customer interviews to analyzing and synthesizing data into actionable insights, you'll acquire a skill set that is highly valued across various industries.
  • A Competitive Edge: The insights and experiences you gain from this externship will provide you with a competitive edge in your job search, helping you stand out to recruiters in marketing, product management, and entrepreneurship.
  • Professional Network: You will connect with industry experts and peers to broaden your professional circle. 
  • A Certificate of Completion: Showcase your newly acquired skills and dedication to professional development with a certificate that can be added to your LinkedIn profile and resume.


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Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

New start dates every month.

Submit your application as soon as you can.

Part-time and fully remote

This Externship is a 10-hour-per-week fully remote experience where all meetings and events are recorded.

Receive your start date with your acceptance letter.

This remote Externship will last 4 weeks.

Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

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Brains & Motion Education

Brains & Motion Education (BAM) is an after-school programs and summer camps provider with 7 years of experience. We specialize in technology-enabled services that offer engaging educational experiences beyond traditional settings. Operating in key regions including the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, and Boston, we cater to the parents who seek to enrich their children's learning journey. By blending top-notch instructors with innovative content and a commitment to dynamic, immersive education, BAM strives to unlock every student's boundless potential. Our approach, deeply rooted in a culture of trust, play, and continuous learning, is designed to exceed the expectations of our communities, making us a leader in transforming education for today’s learners and preparing them for a rapidly evolving world.

Brains & Motion Education is not accepting or considering any applications for this Externship through other channels. Any effort to apply or reach out to Brains and Motion separately will adversely affect a student’s application.