Make Your Resume Wow Recruiters... Even When You Have No Experience: The Step By Step Guide

We're making over your resume. We're talking Princess Diaries level makeover—you might not even recognize it.
March 22, 2022
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We get it – crafting your first resume can be intimidating, especially when you lack experience. 

Chances are, if you click on this, you're a little something like this:

You're early in your college career, we're betting a freshman or sophomore, with limited work experience, probably some summer camp counselor, a fake title from a parent's/family friend's company, or like many of us, a completely blank page. And most importantly, the idea of crafting a resume scares the complete sh*t out of you.

But that's what we're here for. Think of it like setting up a dating profile; you put your best photos, make quirky jokes, and showcase your interesting hobbies, making sure you're putting your best foot forward – It's not catfishing; it's knowing your angles. And that's exactly what crafting the perfect resume is.

Every winning team needs a game plan, and we've got one as calculated as a Taylor Swift album release. So before diving into the step-by-step process, let's review the basics.

If you took any "Intro to Marketing" Class or, more realistically, spent 30 seconds watching a TikTok on it, you'll know the first rule of marketing is defining your target audience and their goals. And it's your lucky day because we've done all that and more.

What Employers Look for in an Entry-Level Resume

When evaluating candidates for entry-level positions, employers consider more than just work experience. Here are some factors they may want to see in your resume:

1. The Why

Show your interest in the specific role by highlighting the important qualifications that make you a suitable candidate. This is where your experience and skills sections are going to shine.

2. Leadership Experience

Demonstrate leadership potential through relevant experiences, such as leading clubs or organizations. No matter what your experience looks like, there's at least some way you've shown leadership. Perhaps you were on the board of a club, or maybe you led a group project.

3. Personality

Emphasize positive personality traits that fit the position as you become part of the company's community and culture. There are a lot of ways you can sprinkle some personality. For instance, if you're applying for creative fields, you can add some spice to the design on your resume, or for more traditional fields, rely on the objective.

Tips for Writing an Entry-Level Resume

1. Formatting is Everything

Consider a functional resume that highlights your skills and education, making it suitable for entry-level job seekers. Stick with the basics before going too design-crazy.

2. Use Keywords from the Job Description

Tailor your resume for each application by including keywords found in the job description to match the employer's requirements. Don't know which keywords to use? Ask ChatGPT or do a quick search of Industry keywords on TikTok.

3. Triple-Check

Review your resume multiple times to eliminate spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. Seek a colleague's or friend's feedback for additional assurance.

How to Write an Entry-Level Resume

Congrats! You've made it to the good stuff. Now, let's get to work!

Step 1: The Header

Include your full name, phone number, professional email address, and location. Add a link to your professional social media page or portfolio, if relevant.

John Smith.                      
Phone: (123) 456-7890 | Email:
City, State | LinkedIn:

Step 2: Include a Professional Summary

Write a concise summary highlighting your relevant credentials, education, and career goals.

Dedicated marketing enthusiast with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Seeking to leverage creativity and analytical skills to contribute to successful marketing campaigns and enhance brand visibility.

Step 3: State Your Education

List your degrees, diplomas, and certificates, starting with the most recent or ongoing ones.

Bachelor of Business Administration
University of XYZ, [Year of Graduation]

Step 4: Share Your Certifications

Mention relevant professional certifications that demonstrate specific skills or knowledge.

Google Analytics Certified, Google - [Year of Certification]
Content Marketing Certification, HubSpot - [Year of Certifications

Step 5: List Your Skills

Showcase both soft and technical skills that align with the job requirements.

Digital Marketing | Data Analysis | Social Media Management | Market Research

Step 6: Detail Your Relevant Experience

Include internships, volunteer work, or any roles related to the job you're seeking.

Marketing Intern, ABC Marketing Agency, [Start Date–End Date]
Conducted market research and analyzed customer data to optimize targeted marketing campaigns.
Assisted in managing social media platforms, resulting in increased engagement and brand visibility.

And just like that, your resume just went through a major glow-up. 💅

We haven't even begun to cover cover letters, interview tips, majors, and so much more. So ready to say goodbye to career anxiety and hello to a future of acceptance letters and dream jobs? Sign up for our newsletter today for all that and more!

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