The Top 20 Best Websites To Find Internships in 2024

Wondering about the best internship websites? This guide is your roadmap to making your dream internship a reality!
February 4, 2023
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In the ever-shifting job market landscape, pursuing that elusive dream internship often feels like you've just been selected for the next Squid Games. But, don't worry. When it comes to finding internships, the online world is your oyster—and we're here to help.

Whether you're after a remote internship that allows you to work in your PJs, an in-person experience with all its quirky office dynamics, or a chance to explore a niche industry, think of this guide as your internship roadmap.

Here are the best websites to find internships: Your Internship Matchmaker

Imagine this - a website that matches you with internships based on your major, preferred job category, city, and even the company. Meet, the platform offering all sorts of internship resources, including tips and stories from fellow interns. To unlock its full potential, create an account and utilize the "Internship Predictor" to discover opportunities tailored to your personality and references. The Two-Step Internship Finder

Wish finding an internship was as easy as cooking ramen- two simple steps? That's where comes in. With just two blanks to fill in - "what" and "where" - you can find internships in under a minute. What's more, you can upload your resume, making it a breeze for employers to contact you if you fit their needs.

Your School's Career Site: Local Opportunities Galore

When it comes to your internship journey, your university's career hub can often be an unsung hero. Career advisors provide insider knowledge about the local job market, help fine-tune your application materials, and offer guidance tailored to your region. Your university's alum network and exclusive internship listings provide a competitive edge, while events, workshops, and career development resources support your broader career goals.

Extern: Where Real-World Experience Meets Top Brands

Want to gain real-world experience with your favorite brands in a flexible, fully remote setting? That's where  Externships come in. Getting an internship sometimes requires you to already have previous experience. However, Externships are dynamic 6-8 week programs designed to help students tackle real business projects, while networking with executives from leading brands—think National Geographic, Beats by Dre, HSBC, and others. Externships are designed to be flexible and accessible to everyone, so you can apply and do a program anytime during the year to boost your resume with real work experience! Dive into Government Internships

Dreaming of interning with government agencies like the Department of the Air Force, the United States Attorney's Office, or even the Navy? Look no further than, your gateway to thrilling government internships. While the competition may be fierce, the prestige of interning with the Department of Defense is a badge of honor worth pursuing! International Adventure Awaits

If your idea of a great internship includes sipping espresso in an Italian cafe while perfecting your art history knowledge, is here to make your dreams come true. It's your passport to an unforgettable global experience, minus the jet lag. Simplify Your Internship Search

Tired of scrolling through endless job listings? simplifies your life faster than a double shot of espresso on a Monday morning. It's the lazy river of job searching – hop in and let the current of opportunities carry you to your destination. Social Media Meets Internship Hunt

LinkedIn – where you can connect with people you've never met, endorse skills you didn't know you had, and occasionally stumble upon your high school crush's career trajectory. It's like Facebook, but for grownups. Peek into Company Culture

Glassdoor is like Yelp for job hunting, minus the pictures of food (unless you're into office snacks). Get the inside scoop on companies and decide if you want to spend your summer interning with the office cat or the next Steve Jobs. Make Money While Gaining Experience combines the best of both worlds - experience and income. Finding the right internship can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. is here to make that haystack a bit smaller. This global database connects college students and recent graduates with internships and entry-level jobs that pay as much as $15 per hour. Search by keywords, explore opportunities, build your resume, and earn while you learn. Tame the Job Search Monster knows that college students are a unique species. Designed for college students and recent grads, it offers job insights, interview advice, community support, and, of course, job listings. Don't let past fears haunt your future. The Adventure Seeker's Dream

If you've ever thought, "Why work in a cubicle when I could work in the great outdoors?" CoolWorks is your answer. It's the place to find internships with a side of adventure. Think of it as the job board for modern-day adventurers.

Company Website: Go Straight to the Source

Sometimes, the best internships hide on a company's website in plain sight. Have a specific company in mind? Go directly to their website and check their career tabs. International Exploration Awaits

Absolute Internships is your gateway to an adventure abroad. This platform collaborates with companies to offer students overseas internship opportunities. From accounting to fashion, there's a world of opportunities.

Handshake: Exclusive Opportunities for Students

Handshake, often dubbed the "LinkedIn for college students," connects students to career and internship opportunities. Exclusively available to those with a registered college email, it's like a secret club for students where you get access to exclusive opportunities

Instagram: Social Media Internship Hunt

Believe it or not, Instagram isn't just for sharing selfies. Follow companies you're interested in and explore hashtags like #hiring or #remoteinternship for hidden gems.

YouTern: Mentor-Guided Internship Quest

YouTern adds a unique twist to internship hunting. Create a personal profile, and mentors hired by the company assist you in finding internships and jobs. It may seem unusual initially, but once you navigate the site, you'll find opportunities rolling in.

Her Campus Generation Hired: Beyond Gender Boundaries

Her Campus Generation Hired isn't just for females; it's for all ambitious interns and job seekers. While its job and internship board may seem smaller, it lists executive positions that stand out. Don't be surprised to find opportunities like interning at the United Nations.

Google Jobs: Google's Own Recruiting Service

Google Jobs – because when Google says they can find you an internship, you don't ask questions. It's like having a personal internship genie at your service.

There you have it - a comprehensive guide to your internship search. Whichever platform you choose, remember to bring your unique flair and enthusiasm to stand out in this competitive landscape. Your dream internship awaits; happy hunting!

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