The Case for Inventing A New Form of Work Experience: the Externship

by: Matt Wilkerson, Founder & CEO of Extern
Chapter 1

The Case for Inventing A New Form of Work Experience: the Externship

Why the market desperately needs a new form of work experience and how the remote Externship from Extern is the way forward.
Chapter 2

How to Help Anyone Discover and Launch their Career through Professional Experience

My vision of a world where everyone, regardless of background, can explore a career through professional experience.
Chapter 3

“Oh no, the interns are here!” Why Busy Employees Mean Companies Cannot Upskill Emerging Talent

Where the inspiration for Extern came from and the truth behind why companies don’t offer more internship opportunities.
Chapter 4

Isn’t Getting a Job What College is For?

The true value of getting a degree in today’s world and whether college really improves job outcomes.
Chapter 5

Reimagining College Career Centers: From Administrative Hubs to Recruiting Launchpads

A close look at the challenges faced by college career centers and why they fail to provide true value to students wanting career development.
Chapter 6

Is college worth it?

When students attend college for hiring outcomes, will they see a return on their investment, or do colleges need to evolve first?
Chapter 7

The Microcredentialing Minefield: Why Online Certificates Don't Really Get You Hired

Nearly half of all Americans have some sort of alternative credential, but do these credentials help land jobs?
Chapter 8

When it Comes To Getting Hired, Only Work Experience Matters

Work experience is the only thing recruiters and hiring managers truly care about when it comes to addressing talent.
Chapter 9

Why Learning-Integrated Work Programs Will Save Higher Ed and Early Talent Hiring

How learning-integrated work programs can help early talent candidates get the experience they need, before they graduate.
Chapter 10

The Externship Is Here to Save the Day for Students Trying to Build Work Experience

What sets the Externship apart and how it has the power to take learning-integrated work experience mainstream.
Chapter 11

The Externship Is a Win-Win for Students AND Companies

The impact Externships have on resource-constrained teams and how they help employers engage early talent.