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HSBC Workforce Transformation Consulting Remote Externship

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Strategy & Consulting
Drive workforce innovation through strategic consulting at a leading global bank.


In this externship program, students will learn strategic consulting skills to analyze and evaluate challenges from non-profit organizations using consulting frameworks, in an overall effort to help them solve their important problems. Selected individuals will be paired with a specific non-profit organization and dive into their strategic problems, such as development, impact assessment, process improvements, talent engagement, communication, and strategic positioning. Throughout this externship program, professionals from PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) will provide mentorship and coaching.

The Experience

  • Learn about the strategy consulting process and how to help create value for a non-profit client based on their vision and mission
  • Research and develop an understanding of a given field
  • Analyze complex problems ranging from fundraising and development, stakeholder management, impact measurement, as well as use consulting frameworks to help identify problem areas and propose solutions
  • Learn to gather, analyze, and visualize data to inform problem areas and possible solutions
  • Create and deliver a compelling presentation to a non-profit client that incorporates valuable insights, trends, and recommendations


  • Ambitious undergraduate students with an interest in consulting, strategy, and non-profits. This program is for students who would like to understand the consulting profession while generating ideas to help impact non-profit organizations.


Dive into the exciting world of workforce transformation and strategic consulting with one of the world's banking giants—HSBC. As a top 10 bank globally, HSBC stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence in the financial industry.

Throughout this program, participants will immerse themselves in the world of workforce transformation and strategic consulting. They will conduct comprehensive primary research and detailed analysis of various aspects of workforce transformation and innovations in the future of work. This includes understanding the latest trends in the industry, examining case studies of successful transformation efforts, and proposing strategic recommendations to drive meaningful change in organizations.

Externs will not just observe from the sidelines. They will actively engage with real-world projects, enabling them to develop valuable insights and hands-on skills in workforce transformation and strategic consulting. This externship is your chance to make a real impact in this dynamic field and set the stage for a successful career in consulting, operations, and business leadership.

The Experience

Through this externship, you'll have the unique chance to influence the way a leading global bank approaches workforce transformation and the future of work. By conducting in-depth research and analysis, you will play a pivotal role in shaping their future talent engagement and retention strategies.

During this externship, you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with the vision, mission, and brand philosophy of HSBC
  • Perform a high-level analysis of trends among employees in the industry, focusing on why employees stay with an organization. 
  • Identify other organizations (within and beyond the industry) that have high talent retention rates and high employee satisfaction. 
  • Analyze and assess various aspects of these organizations' talent engagement strategies, including metrics and their impact, with a focus on activities that enhance meaningful employee engagement.
  • Explore and understand the work arrangement guidelines within these organizations and their influence on engagement and retention.
  • Create a compelling slide deck highlighting engagement benchmarks and innovative ideas for engagement activities, including their projected impact.


We are seeking ambitious undergraduate and graduate students, as well as alumni, with a strong interest in strategy, consulting, HR, business operations, and the future of work. Students with backgrounds in consulting, business, and financial services are highly encouraged to apply.


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Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

Apply by October 9, 2023

Submit your application as soon as you can.

Part-time and fully remote

This Externship is a 10-hour-per-week fully remote experience where all meetings and events are recorded.

Externship starts October 23, 2023

This remote Externship will last 7 weeks.

$500 stipend

Students who successfully complete their externships will receive their educational stipends at the end of the program.

Required Academic Standing

This Externship is open to current and recent undergraduate students and graduate students.

Geographical Eligibility

This Externship is open to applicants around the world.

Externship Currently Closed
New applications are not currently being accepted.

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HSBC was born from one simple idea – a local bank serving international needs. In March 1865, HSBC opened its doors for business in Hong Kong, helping to finance trade between Europe and Asia. Today, HSBC serves around 40 million personal, wealth, and corporate customers worldwide in 64 countries and territories. Inspired by its purpose - Opening up a world of opportunity - HSBC uses its unique expertise, capabilities, breadth, and perspectives to open up new kinds of opportunity for its customers. The bank is bringing together the people, ideas, and capital that nurtures progress and growth, helping to create a better world – for customers, employees, investors, communities, and the planet. The bank has weathered change in all forms – revolutions, economic crises, new technologies – and adapted to survive. The resulting corporate character enables HSBC to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

HSBC is not accepting or considering any applications for this Externship through other channels. Any effort to apply or reach out to HSBC separately will adversely affect a student’s application.