Paragon One's Externship Solves Early Talent Retention Long Before Students Graduate. Here's How:

Companies today need to engage students and build lasting relationships with them as early as their junior year of college.
Vanessa Poulson
Managing Editor of The Impact Report
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Traditional recruiting processes need to adapt to attract and retain early talent in a competitive market. Companies today need to engage students and build lasting relationships with them as early as their junior year of college. 

Paragon One has had exceptional results through partnerships with firms looking to build meaningful branding and engagement opportunities that open up a diverse early talent pipeline.

Challenge: Traditional Recruiting Pipelines Aren't Serving A Competitive Early Talent Market

Solution: Paragon One partners with firms to understand bottlenecks in their talent pipeline and leverages its vast university and student group partnerships to staff externships with diverse talent traditionally left out of a company's hiring process. Companies can then attract talent from schools not on their career fair lists or geographies they've never been able to reach before. 70% of externs are hired for intern or full-time positions within 12 months of completing the program. Additionally, 95% of Fortune 1000 volunteers who participated in externships found students they spoke to as potential hiring candidates.

Challenge: Strained HR Budgets and Manager Time

Solution: The Paragon One externship is designed to allow companies to reach more students in a single cohort that works on a custom project for the company for 6-8 weeks. Our team recruits, assesses, and guides cohorts as they work through these programs, so managers at partner companies only need to commit an hour a week.

Challenge: Accessing a Diverse Talent Pipeline

Solution: Paragon One addresses this challenge by leveraging our university and ambassador networks, allowing organizations to tap into previously untapped talent sources. Companies can discover candidates with the skills and potential to drive innovation and success through this expanded access.

Challenge: Inability to Thoroughly Assess Candidates 

Solution: Paragon One helps companies tackle a key obstacle in building long term pipelines - the difficulty in evaluating candidates effectively, on merit, at scale. Traditional hiring processes often rely on limited information, such as resumes and interviews, which may not comprehensively understand a candidate's Externship program allows organizations to assess candidates in real-world settings, providing a more accurate evaluation of their skills, work ethic, and cultural fit.

Challenge: Keeping Candidates Engaged In The Long Term

Solution: A crucial aspect of successful talent acquisition is establishing long-term relationships with top talent. Paragon One enables organizations to cultivate lasting connections with candidates through the Externship program. By engaging students with a real work experience project, Paragon One's externship allows companies to engage candidates meaningfully in the long term and helps them to nurture relationships with promising individuals further, keeping them in your long term talent pipeline. This ensures that when hiring interns or full-time employees, they already have a strong connection with potential candidates.

Challenge: Accessing and Attracting Diverse Candidates

Solution: In today's world, diversity and inclusion have become integral to the success and growth of organizations. By partnering with Paragon One and participating in the Externship program, companies can position themselves as leaders in diversity and inclusion. Our program's emphasis on prioritizing diversity ensures that organizations actively engage with underrepresented talent, contributing to a more inclusive workforce.

Through expanded access to top Gen Z talent, effective candidate evaluation, and the opportunity to build long-term relationships, organizations can position themselves as leaders in diversity and inclusion while securing a pipeline of skilled professionals who will contribute to their success. By joining the ranks of forward-thinking organizations that have already transformed their talent acquisition approach, companies can thrive in the next era of corporate recruiting.

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