How The Paragon One Externship Helps Companies Get the Most Out of Early-Talent Budgets

Paragon One designed the Externship to address key challenges posed by tight recruiting budgets and resources.
Ed Sweet
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Recruiting top talent requires a multifaceted approach, plain and simple. 

Outdated techniques fail to fully evaluate a candidate's abilities, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs for recruiters who already face resource constraints. 61% of HR professionals reported that budget limitations were a major challenge in their recruiting efforts, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

That's why Paragon One designed the Externship to address key challenges posed by tight recruiting budgets and resources.

Challenge: Candidates That Don't Fit The Profile Slow Down HR

Solution: Evaluating candidates solely based on resumes and interviews may not provide a holistic understanding of their potential. Paragon One's Comprehensive Talent Filtering System allows organizations to set custom criteria to evaluate talent efficiently. The system streamlines the evaluation process by incorporating specific skills, educational backgrounds, and personal qualities that align with the organization's needs, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are considered.

Challenge: Inability to Assess Candidates Thoroughly Due To Personnel Time Constraints

Solution: Assessing soft skills during the hiring process is often a challenge for employers. Paragon One addresses this by providing candidates with live, project-based work experiences through the Externship program. This approach allows organizations to evaluate candidates' skills, collaboration abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and adaptability in a real-world setting. By observing their performance and interactions during the program, organizations gain valuable insights into a candidate's abilities and potential contributions to the organization.

Challenge: Lack of Clarity On How To Optimize Resources To Boost Hiring Efficiencies

Solution: Through Paragon One's Talent Filtering System, organizations can make data-backed decisions that optimize budgets and resources. By effectively evaluating candidates and identifying top talent, the recruitment process becomes more efficient, reducing the time and effort spent on assessing unqualified candidates. This streamlined approach saves costs associated with prolonged hiring cycles and improves the overall quality of hires, leading to long-term benefits for the organization. Paragon One is an out of box solution for companies without a diverse recruiting or high impact student program in place, saving your team time, budget, and resources. 

Challenge: Difficulties Engaging Candidates Throughout The Hiring Process Means Losing Talent

Solution: Paragon One's Externship program goes beyond traditional recruitment methods by providing an immersive and ongoing engagement with candidates. This extended interaction allows organizations to assess candidates' ability to adapt, learn, and grow over time. By evaluating candidates across their career journey, organizations gain valuable insights into their long-term potential and their alignment with the organization's goals and values.

By leveraging Paragon One, organizations can overcome the resource gap in recruiting, attract top talent, and build a strong and capable workforce for long-term success.

To learn more about how Paragon One Externship can transform your talent acquisition strategy, visit our website at Join the ranks of industry leaders who have harnessed the power of Paragon One and experienced the transformative impact on their recruitment efforts.

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